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Donator Perks

Post by beaverhands34 on Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:03 am

All donators will get access to all classes money and use of upcoming goods.

It helps the server stay up and to get more addons to improve the server as a whole.

Donating just because it very welcome the littlest always helps.

$10 All classes

$15 All Classes & Million Dollars

Current classes available:

Stripper Perks dancing swep coming soon

Police Juggernaut: Big gun to take down your foes.

Head Hunter: your a hit man so you need a good sniper right well you got it nice and quit.

Pro THeif: lockpick of cource pickpocket climbing swep coming soon.

Plenty more to come we are very open and willing to change stuff up and negotiate for any needs.

My Email to send payment through paypal. ""


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